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We have just introduced 2 types of coldrooms.
Cooling is available with a temperature range of -2 to 8°C.
Freezing with a temperature range of -22 to -18°C.

Both types of coldrooms come in a range of modular panels that are quick and easy to assembly. No expert knowledge is needed.
No matter the type, it is easy modular constructions.
After assembly, you simply plug in the unit, just like our other coolers and freezers.
No cutting or drilling required.

Coldrooms are used by restaurants, delis, café and even cold storage for retail – anywhere with the need for bigger cooling/freezing storage capacity.
They are a great way to create optimal and efficient cooling space at a very affordable price.
Coldrooms is a perfect and easy accessable way to store foods, dairy products and beverages.

Coldrooms with cooling temperature have a wall thickness of 80 mm.
Coldrooms with freezing temperatures have a wall thickness of 100 mm.

Coldrooms - Cooling are available in 7 sizes.
Coldrooms - Freezing are availabl in 6 sizes.

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