We deliver

We deliver

From our modern warehousing facilities in Viborg, we ship our products to large parts of the world on a daily basis. Fast delivery time is an important factor for our customers and with a modern setup, we can ensure delivery to many European countries within a few days. See when we deliver to your country in the table below.

Country When do we ship Estimated time of arrival from shipment Deadline for ordering
Denmark Monday to Friday 1 working day 12:00 the day before shipment
France & Spain Tuesday and Friday 2-7 days 11:00 the day before shipment
Italy & Slovakia As soon as possible 2-5 days 11:00 the day before shipment
Rest of Europe Monday to Friday 2-7 days 11:00 the day before shipment
World As soon as possible Please contact us Please contact us


Freight price

If you want to see the current freight price, go see our freight calculator and quickly see the current price and loading meter measurements for exactly the cabinets you need.

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