Wholehearted Passion

Wholehearted Passion

TEFCOLD has been supplying reliable products and profitable solutions able to fulfil the requirements of any customer for commercial cooling and freezing of foods and beverages for over 30 years.

We are one of the market leaders within the cooling and freezing industry, creating value for our customers through insight, empathy and experience.

Over 35,000 units in stock, combined with streamlined logistics means we can deliver quickly and precisely, regardless of quantity required.

Add to that competent consultancy and personal service based on our wholehearted passion for refrigeration, freezing and our customers.


TEFCOLD was founded in Viborg in 1987 by Torben and Frede Christensen.

"It is our mission to work hard every day to provide our customers an excellent service and make their life easy,
to provide them new products and opportunities that will help them sell more and make more money. 

Further, to make our customers more successful and enable us to grow we are determined to have the best people,
the leanest processes, the lowest cost and the most efficient sales and marketing processes."



The TEFCOLD Group consists of TEFCOLD A/S, Interlevin Refrigeration Ltd and Nosreti Velkoobchod s.r.o. 

Our head office is in Viborg, Denmark where we have a 12,000 square metre warehouse, testing laboratory, branding facilities, spare part centre and one of our group show rooms.

The ambition of the Group is to grow organically and through acquisitions. Acquisitions will increase our supplier base and improve logistical set-up in Europe and hence allow us to serve our customers even better going forward. We wish to help our customers sell more and make their life easier with new products and opportunies. 

Interlevin covers UK and Nortern Ireland. Nosreti Velkoobchop covers Czech Republic and Slovak. TEFCOLD A/S covers the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.


Group Facts

100+ employees in 5 countries

Warehouses in Denmark, UK, Czech Republic and Slovenia: 25,000 m2 with > 45,000 units in stock

3000+ customers in 100 countries

160,000 units sold yearly

Test, branding, showroom and spare part facilities in DK, Czech Republic and the UK



Interlevin Refrigeration Ltd is based at Castle Donington in the UK and was aquired by the TEFCOLD GROUP in 2018.

They have a market leading position in the UK plug-in cooling industry with 30+ employees and sales of more than 35,000 cooling units yearly.

The 9,000 square metres includes testing facilities, branding and spare part centre and an extensive showroom. 

Interlevin Refrigeration Ltd
West Meadow Rise
Castle Donington
DE74 2HL
Phone: +44 01332 850090 
E-mail: sales@interlevin.co.uk 



Interlevin covers UK and Nortern Ireland. Nosreti Velkoobchop covers Czech Republic and Slovak. TEFCOLD A/S covers the rest of Europe and outside Europe.



The 30-year old privately owned company Nosreti Velkoobchop was acquired by the TEFCOLD GROUP August 2020. 

Nosreti Velkoobchop operate out of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. They have a market leading position in the Czech Republic but also a strong position in the Slovak market. 

They are app. 40 employees and are selling approximately 16,000 cooling units per year in addition to selling air conditioning and heat pumps.

Warehouse is 4,000 square metres in Ostrava. 

NOSRETI Velkoobchod s.r.o.
28. ríjna 2020/231
709 00 Ostrava-Mariánské Hory
Phone:  +420 595 696 615


Nosreti Velkoobchop covers Czech Republic and Slovak. Interlevin covers UK and Nortern Ireland. TEFCOLD A/S covers the rest of Europe and outside Europe.