Can you afford not to buy a new cooler?

Can you afford not to buy a new cooler?

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From national supermarket chains to local grocery shops – everybody is trying to save on costs wherever they can to pay the larger energy bills. But what if we tell you that perhaps the answer is not to save on costs, but to invest wisely?

What we propose is that if you exchange your current open front cooler with a corresponding model with doors, the cooler will often have paid for itself in about a year. Let’s look at an example.

We can compare our open multideck cooler MD1402B to a NC5000G cooler with doors. Based on the EU labeling, the MD1402B is estimated to use 6972 KwH/annum, whereas a NC5000G is estimated to use 1024 KwH/annum. This is a saving of 5948 KwH per year.

If we say the average cost is €0,45 for 1 KwH in Denmark at the moment (similar to other European countries), this will mean a yearly saving of €2679 – in other words, if you replace the open front model with a model with doors, you will have your investment back in around 13 months and continue to save on costs in the future.

These calculations are based on two new models from our product range. If you compare one of your older models in general or even an older model without doors to a new model with doors, then the savings will most likely be even more significant.

If you are interested to know how much you can save with the models standing in your shop, please contact our sales department – they will be happy to map it out. For the NC5000G or any of the other models we can offer with doors.